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Download Tulliallen Messages

New Covenant Priesthood: His… and Ours.

Tulliallen_Schedule_keyA beautiful Autumn weekend and the iconic Tullliallen Castle provided the setting for a ‘biblebase focus event’ in Scotland in September, 2015. Attendees included friends from Germany and the USA and from England and Scotland. The venue was perfect, the preaching/teaching was richly blessed and we enjoyed a lovely sense of easy fellowship and great food. We struggled a little with the usual Apple/Microsoft problems but here are the records of the public sessions. Thank you to all who came and all who contributed to make this a time of blessing.

  1. The Anointed Priest – Ron Bailey – AudioVideo
  2. A Kingdom of Priests – Ron Bailey – AudioVideo
  3. Preparation for Priesthood – Robert Wurtz II – Audio (soon!)- Video
  4. A More Glorious Priesthood – Ron BaileyAudioVideo
  5. The Priest in the Midst – Robert Wurtz II – Audio(soon!) – Video
  6. Burnt Offerings – Ron Bailey – AudioVideo

Click on either the Audio or Video to stream or download the sessions. The underlined files are available now, the others are on their way! (A More Glorious Priesthood will be improved, DV, later)

If you would like to discuss any of these topics please visit the biblebase discussion forums. Please feel free to distribute and share these sessions. The only conditions are that you do not alter the files and that no charge is made for distribution of this ministry. If these recordings have blessed, challenged or encouraged you why not consider joining us at a future ‘focus event’?


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