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Living in Liberty – NLC 2015

the spirit of trade unionism. TUC offices London
“the spirit of trade unionism” TUC offices London

In August 2015 a series of Bible studies entitled “Living in Liberty” was led by Ron Bailey at the New Life Conference in the grounds of Rora House in Devon, UK. This thrilling conference theme provided fertile ground for much ministry over the seven days of the conference. These four messages were given in the morning Bible Study sessions.

You can find earlier conference ministry in the biblebase base archive under Conferences, or you can listen to many more audio messages available on the biblebase website in our audio archive. Or you can check out the tutorial videos on biblebase youtube.

Please make yourself at home among these treasures. You must not change or charge for any of these recordings. Otherwise, you are free to copy,  distribute or host them.


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1. Living in Liberty – The Old Man-the Event

2. Living in Liberty – The Old Man-the Process

3. Living in Liberty – Disciples – the Event

4. Living in Liberty – Disciples – the Process

You will discover the significance of the London sculpture as you listen. This photo is used by kind permission of Robert Wurtz II, Independence, MO.

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