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Our first task has been to preserve the text of these books, hence ark-ive. As we have the time I would love to see these books converted to a Kindle format and made available more widely.


For those who were blessed to have him in their homes his daily schedule was fairly predictable and a large portion of his time was given over to his books; written painstakingly by hand and transcribed, in the main, by Pat Coombes in Exeter. He poured himself into these books believing that they were a God-given commission. His output was quite amazing given that he never had a study and that most of his writing was done in strange homes as he itinerated throughout the UK and the world. His working tools were a Strongs concordance and a well-worn Newberry Bible.



The style has come in for its share of criticism and in a world now given over to the sound-bite the style is not easy. He was a man of a different age and used to the rhythms of the old King James version. The sentences are frequently long and somewhat convoluted. But if you are willing to invest the time there is gold in these books. Like gold itself the best does not lie on the surface but will require some effort. However it will prove well worth the labour.



His opus magnus was “One Baptism”. At one time in his ministry he felt commissioned to preach this truth wherever God opened the doors. In many ways it is his most controversial book simply because the distinctive elements of his teaching are laid out here systematically. If you want to know what he believed and taught and lived your best source is “One Baptism”.



The copyright to all GWN’s books has now reverted to his family who kindly gave permission for these books to be reproduced in this form for this website.
The original texts of these books was painstakingly scanned by Robert Alcorne and converted to pdfs by Ron Bailey and Mike Hobbs. GWN’s own conviction was that things which were freely received should be freely given and for that reason no charge was ever made for these books.
Please copy and distribute freely, in every sense of the word, and so maintain the spirit in which these writings came into being.