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RBHello there and ‘thank you’ for visiting biblebase!

For almost 50 years I have been engaged in pastoral care and Bible teaching in a variety of settings in the UK and in many parts of the world. This has included home groups, formal pastorates, churches, Bible schools and conferences, local radio and TV.

I currently ‘belong’ to two local churches. “New Covenant Church” in Bracknell, UK and the “Earley Christian Fellowship” in Reading,  UK. (Mostly  in Bracknell) I also ‘belong’ to a very loose network of individuals and churches which are sometimes known as ‘The Fellowships’ and to an even looser association of folks who are travelling along a similar path.

And now a disclaimer: although I ‘belong’ to these different associations of believers they don’t ‘belong’ to me! In other words I do not speak for them, so comments on this site will be the responsibility of biblebase and not specific churches or groups of believers. As one man once said ‘the buck stops here’ and, as the host of biblebase, I accept full responsibility and am happy to be held accountable for all that appears on this site unless otherwise declared. In other words, in you want someone to blame, I’m your man! Just use the contact form. Thanks.

Ron Bailey. September 2014

ps Robert Wurtz II from Independence, Missouri visited the UK in September 2014 and suggested an ‘interview’ session.

So for any who are anxious to fill in the gaps, or some of them, please visit…

Robert Wurtz II interview Session 1

Robert Wurtz II interview Session 2


and if you would like to know more about the purpose of biblebase please check out our vision/mission statements

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