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the New Covenant and the Scriptures

The first Christians were people who loved and respected the Jewish scriptures as their highest legacy, but were later willing to add a further 27 books to that legacy. We usually call the older scriptures ‘the Old Testament’ while we call this 27 book addition to the Jewish scriptures ‘the New Testament’. It is not the most accurate description but it shows how early Christians saw the contrast between the ‘Old’ and the ‘New’.

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It has been my main life-work to read, and study and think about these ancient writings, and then to attempt to share my discoveries with others. I am never more content than when I have a quiet moment and an open Bible on my lap. For much of my life too I have been engaged in preaching and teaching the living truths of this book. This has given me a wide circle of friends in the UK and throughout the world. This website is really dedicated to them. They have encouraged and challenged and sometimes disagreed but I delight in this fellowship of Christ-honouring Bible lovers.

Please browse these pages and explore the highways and bye-ways of the website. There is ‘gold’ here. If you feel a fellow-spirit come and join us in our discussion forums, and let’s learn together as we explore the wonders of the New Covenant.

Ron Bailey, September 2014


  1. Armedia Whatley says:

    A blessing thanks

  2. Ann Bernadette says:

    Please fix asap

  3. Gerald Ratliff says:

    Ron at the moment I am struggling to read. I have to struggle with my neck because of the injury I incurred several years ago and it’s been troubleshooting ever since

  4. Sandy says:

    I agree too!

  5. God is here now. Talk to. Him he is al way here. I talk to before I ģo to sleep at night, an when I. Wake I think the l lord for another day

  6. Bruce Collins says:

    Greetings Ron, I did not find much regarding the New Covenant on your site here. I understand that your site is “under construction.” If I could pose one question it would be this, “What are the terms of the New Covenant?” The Old Covenant terms are quite explicit but I find the terms for the New Covenant to be rather vague. I am especially interested in the terms concerning the responsibility of man to the covenant and to God.
    There is an ongoing discussion regarding the New Covenant at http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=53273&forum=36&8
    It was there that I learned of your book and “expertise.” Then I followed a link to here.
    Any thoughts that you can share would of course be greatly appreciated.

    Bruce Collins

    • ronbailey says:

      Hello Bruce
      My apologies for the tardy reply. As you can see we are in process of refurbishing the site and for me that means learning WordPress. So things are proceeding but slowly. I would encourage you to read the book. The Kindle version in particular is very reasonably priced. The New Covenant, according to Jeremiah 31 is not like the Old Covenant so although we can find points of similarity between the Old and the New we must expect the scriptures to concentrate on the differences rather than the similarities. Please read the book and then come back to me. Hope this gets to you… not quite sure how this response thing works! Ron

  7. jacqueline says:

    There is always room to learn more and I’m ready .

  8. ronbailey says:

    This is very much a site ‘under construction’. It will take while before it is really functioning but if you want to catch my attention just write something.

  9. I love Gods word but. I hate to read pray for me in that ares thank

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